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In CiPD, when we work on a problem, we use some of the most powerful tools - like TRIZ - to first understand the problem in detail and then come up with powerful ideas quickly.


IIIT Delhi takes pride in being a research led teaching institute. We have numerous cross-disciplinary research centres that can explore help identify the best solutions and overcome challenges faced in implementing them.


when we work on a product at CiPD, we can help you handle immediate challenges to turn your offering into a globally competitive product. It may involve feature upgrades or additions; human-centred design/ redesign; embedding (more) intelligence (think AI); DFX (X could be manufacturability, repairability, cost, usability etc); and so on.


Products are typically a part of a context where they serve a purpose. At CiPD we can help you expand the purposefulness of your products and/ or repurpose them to create new solutions which can help you increase TAM and/ or SAM.


We can offer you support and consultancy on any part of the design cycle above.

Mentoring and Support

If you wish to develop the capability for in-house RnD, then we can help in nurturing your talented pool of engineers to add more value to your products and services.