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About CiPD

A primary goal of the centre is to bring together expertise from many research and expertise silos and foster innovation by creating indigenized product platforms that can help the industry to bring solutions to the market faster and at a significantly lower design cost and risk.

India designed and manufactured leading-edge electronics until the mid-1990s. However, today, electronics manufacturing is largely limited to assembling, soldering, and packaging products - which is a very low-value addition. Design capability is not developed and is almost dying out, and due to that, there is much more dependency on electronics imports (Completely Knock Down (CKD) and Semi Knock Down (SKD) imports). This has a significant impact on the Economy and Governance.
Our Mission
To build the capability to develop Globally Competitive Intelligent Products by Engaging Industry Experts with relevant experience to upskill and train manpower Developing globally certified hardware and software platforms.
To nurture a sustainable product development ecosystem the country by Facilitating the development of high-volume, industry-ready products Forging and fostering industry and academia collaboration Seeding RnD Capability into the Industry.
To increase the pace of product development by Facilitating concept-to-prototype evolution for multiple products on the developed platforms.